TA case 2. How to request funding: real situation

Let us introduce the second case of technical assistance (TA case). Theme: requesting  funding.

In frames of project Regional PLatfrom-EECA we will regularly present TA cases. The first case described situation with an NGO in Georgia. The problem was lack of experience in submitting requests for funding.

Below you can see second case of TA provision of 1 level by expert of partner organization,  TBEC, and Regional center of technical assistance in EECA with the support of Regional Platform EECA: distant support of NGO acting in Tajikistan. Problem was similar to the one happened in Georgia – young NGO had difficulties in process of documents preparation for submission for funding.

This request is still pending approval. In case of positive answer, NGO management is recommended to give certain funding to capacity development of its employees, specifically in the sphere of project writing and project management.

You can see and download the case in PDF by clicking the image.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.11.08 PM

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