capacity development


HELP – Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals. ‘HELP in the 28’ – the largest training project within the EU on fundamental rights for judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

Harm Reduction Academy:  uniting theory and practice

ICF “Alliance for Public Health” is announcing the 2nd cycle of IHRA! You are welcome to join.

HIV/AIDS (3 online courses)

Find out more about the biology of the virus, reasons for its occurrence, methods of distribution, testing, prevention and treatment along with some social factors.

Global Health/Public Health (online courses)

You work in Public Health. It can also be called Global Health if you look at it from a wider prospective. But do you know much about it? These courses will help structure your knowledge and define the gaps for further improvement.

Tuberculosis (online course)

Health Care Workers and Health Professions Students can prepare to plan and deliver TB care in their communities by applying the latest clinical and research data presented in this nine-week course focusing on TB/HIV Co-Infection.

FREE ONLINE COURSE “How To Create a Website in a Weekend”

Are you representing a NGO or a community network, that doesn’t have it’s own website? You have nowhere to place your news and announcements, it is difficult to find information about your organisation on the Internet? Develop your own website fast and free with the help of this online course! It starts March, 14.