Harm Reduction Academy:  uniting theory and practice

ICF "Alliance for Public Health" is announcing the 2nd cycle of IHRA! You are welcome to join.


We are delighted to announce that registration for the 2nd cycle of IHRA is now open!

You are invited to register for participation  until 1st May, 2016.

Over the course, three exciting weeks will be dedicated to lecture hours, combined with practical field visits in three countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

 Joining HRA will provide unique opportunities for you to:
  • Access to full spectrum of support, learning and development based on real-world challenges;
  • Network with next generation of harm reduction leaders and key practitioners;
  • Build worldwide coverage for your contacts;
  • Gain rewarding insights to stimulate change, development and growth for your company;
  • Use dialogue with confidence in the classroom and the field by linking learning with outcomes.

For a detailed description of the course modules, please click  http://www.aph.org.ua/harm-academy.


Feedback of our students: 

“Being on this course was really helpful to understand how this programme is operating and the needs of injecting drugs users in the other parts of the world. We hope to be able to help them, to optimize the responses better, knowing their needs. I think over the years one of the big problems in harm reduction field`s heads is that the supplier does not understand what is going on and why, and this course would be a great course for anyone who is working in harm reduction anywhere in the world. 

Andrew Preston, UK, Exchange Supplies Ltd


“I enjoyed the most innovative, initiative-driven intervention approach, for example, peer-driven intervention, self-testing, community initiated ART interventions. When we return to our countries we will replicate all these innovative approaches.”  

Dr. Samaruddin Samar zazai, Afganistan, National 

AIDS Control Program, Ministry of Public Health


“My coming to Ukraine to Harm Reduction Academy has opened my eyes, because in Tanzania the harm reduction programmes are very limited. When I go back to Tanzania, I will approach the authorities responsible for different harm reduction projects to initiate discussion aimed to establish the harm reduction programmes based on the references I have seen in Ukraine.  I am very impressed with harm reduction work in Ukraine.”

Rustika Tembele, Tanzania, Open Society Initiatives for Eastern Africa

 More information can be found here.