key populations

Technical brief on HIV and key populations “Programming at scale with sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender people, people who inject drugs, and people in prison and other closed settings”

The purpose of this technical brief is to provide information for countries preparing funding requests for comprehensive programs that address the cascade of HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care for the following key populations: • male, female, and transgender sex workers • gay men and other men who have sex with men • transgender people […]

Assessment of Existence and Use of HIV Packages of Services for Key Populations

The Global Fund commissioned an assessment of the design, implementation, utilisation and monitoring of key population HIV Service Packages across 65 countries.

TB Key Populations Briefs

StopTB Partnership launches two Tuberculosis Key Populations briefs. focusing on healthcare workers and people, living with HIV.

KPIF information conference calls follow-up

UNAIDS hosted 2 Q&A conference calls with PEPFAR representatives in order to allow civil society organisations willing to become Prime Recipients of the Key Populations Investment Fund to ask questions in relation to the opportunity. The Regional Platform-EECA team was able to participate in the first call.

Call for nominations: RCNF ISC civil society members

The Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund International Steering Committee is seeking nominations for new civil society members.

Strategic focus on rights and gender in new Strategy seen as vital for scaling up coverage of key and vulnerable populations

A focus on human rights and gender equality is front and centre in The Global Fund’s new strategy for 2017-2022. Approved at the 35th Board meeting in Abidjan at the end of April, the new strategy has four strategic objectives, each with several operational objectives.