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Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM). Questions & Answers

C19RM is a mechanism that the Global Fund has put in place for countries to access funds to fight COVID-19, mitigate the impact that the new pandemic is having on programs to fight AIDS, TB and malaria, and prevent fragile health and community systems from being overwhelmed.

Global Fund funding opportunity – COVID-19 Response Mechanism

The COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM), approved in April 2020, authorizes US$500 million in funding in addition to grant flexibilities. C19RM can be used across the three diseases and the health system, even if a country only has a single Global Fund grant for one component. The CCM will assess the most urgent needs and direct […]

Global Fund COVID-19 Flexibilities

Grant flexibilities, announced on 4 March 2020, allow countries with current grants to: 1) use up to 5% of their current grant value if there are savings, and/or 2) reprogram up to 5% of the value of a grant to meet immediate COVID-19 response requirements. Repurposing equipment already purchased through a Global Fund grant is […]

OIG Advisory Review on Removing human rights-related barriers: Operationalizing the human rights aspects of Global Fund Strategic Objective 3

Stigma, discrimination and punitive laws and practices have long blocked national responses to HIV, TB and malaria. Recognizing that maximum impact in the fight against the three diseases cannot be achieved without taking the human rights of beneficiaries into account, the Global Fund has elevated its commitment to removing human rights-related barriers to accessing services […]

The Global Fund Eligibility list for 2020

The 2020 Eligibility List and the updated Projected Transitions List (to 2028) are now available on the Global Fund’s website.