The Global Fund Eligibility list for 2020

The 2020 Eligibility List and the updated Projected Transitions List (to 2028) are now available on the Global Fund's website. 

EECA Countries and components with changes\nuances in eligibility include: Armenia (HIV, TB), Bulgaria (HIV), Kosovo (HIV, TB), North Macedonia (HIV), Romania (HIV), Russia (HIV), Tajikistan (malaria) and Turkmenistan (TB) – see pg. 10-11 of the 2020 eligibility list

No new EECA countries and components have been added to the projected transitions list: – see pg. 5 of the projected transitions list.

Countries projected to move to Upper-Middle Income status with Not High disease burden:

Armenia (HIV), Kosovo (HIV, TB) – have moved to UMI status between 2018-2020 and eligible for transition funding in 2020-2022

Countries projected to move to High Income status:

Kazakhstan (HIV, TB)  – projected to become ineligible in the 2026-2028 allocation period (not eligible for transition funding)