Report on the results of EECA Regional Civil Society Survey on the work of the EECA Regional Platform

This report describes the results of a survey of civil society representatives, including community representatives and partners, about their experiences with the EECA Regional Platform for Support, Coordination and Communication of Civil Society and Communities (the ‘Platform’) and recommendations for its improvement.

The views of 49 respondents were analysed, including representatives of non-governmental organisations that have received technical assistance through the Global Fund’s Community, Rights and Gender Technical Assistance Programme (Global Fund CRG TA Programme) under the COVID-19 Response Framework (C19RM); partners involved in the implementation of Components 1 and 2 of the Global Fund’s CRG Strategic Initiative (SI); providers of technical assistance under the Global Fund’s TA CRG Programme; key recipients of Global Fund HIV and TB multi-country grants; members of certain Delegations to the Global Fund Board; staff of the Global Fund Secretariat’s CRG Department; and major EHRA partners from key population (KP) networks.

Data were collected during June to August 2022 through semi-structured interviews and an online survey in two languages (Russian and English).

This report consists of three sections describing the experiences of respondents with the EECA Regional Platform and analysing the Platform’s existing approaches to ensure that community representatives have access to relevant information and available technical assistance and to motivate them to participate in Global Fund processes. Each section ends with recommendations on how to change or improve the Platform’s work in 2022–2023.

This report contains qualitative and quantitative data as well as quotes from interviewees.

This report was commissioned by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA), upon which the EECA Regional Platform project is based.