TB Key Populations Briefs

StopTB Partnership launches two Tuberculosis Key Populations briefs. focusing on healthcare workers and people, living with HIV.

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Health care workers (HCWs) are at an increased risk of acquiring tuberculosis (TB) compared to the general population and are perhaps the most valuable resource in the fight against TB. The fear of stigma, coupled with weak labour protections and poor confidentiality measures, often means that HCWs are afraid to disclose their health status to employers for fear of being ostracized or losing their jobs.

This 25-paged document provides us with essential information on the issue, including key epidemiological data, description on policy restrictions and barriers, information on what is being done and recommendations on what should be done in order to achieve the global 90-90-90 end TB target.

The guide is available in pdf format.





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People living with HIV (PLHIV) are extremely vulnerable to TB due to the HIV-induced immunosuppression. At the same time stigma, absence of precise point-of-care diagnostics, and poor integration of TB and HIV services make TB particularly deadly for this population.

The guide gives us an overview of the situation to date, including information on social, cultural and human rights barriers, and suggests necessary actions that are ought to be taken to improve it and come closer to the achievement of the set goals.

The guide is available in pdf format.





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