Opportunity to receive a research project grant

In terms of Fifth Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference which will be held in World Trade Center in Moscow, 24 March, AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW) will hold a seminar where Executive director of AIDS Foundation East-West Ms. Anke van Dam will tell you about opportunity to receive grant for research project!

Civil society will be heard in New York!

Program of Civil Society Hearings before High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS 2016 in New York.

Malaria (online course)

Malaria isn’t as common in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, but it still occurs in a couple of countries and needs to be fought. Learn more about malaria and its effects on health.

Global Health/Public Health (online courses)

You work in Public Health. It can also be called Global Health if you look at it from a wider prospective. But do you know much about it? These courses will help structure your knowledge and define the gaps for further improvement.

Tuberculosis (online course)

Health Care Workers and Health Professions Students can prepare to plan and deliver TB care in their communities by applying the latest clinical and research data presented in this nine-week course focusing on TB/HIV Co-Infection.