FREE ONLINE COURSE “How To Create a Website in a Weekend”

Are you representing a NGO or a community network, that doesn't have it's own website? You have nowhere to place your news and announcements, it is difficult to find information about your organisation on the Internet? Develop your own website fast and free with the help of this online course! It starts March, 14.


In the process of mapping of NGO and community organizations in EECA region, we noticed one widespread fact – many organizations don’t have websites.

Often it happens due to objective reasons, taking into consideration work specific in our sphere but it can also be a consequence of certain resources absence.

Please, be informed that on 14 March portal and The State University of New York launch a free online course How To Create a Website in a Weekend!

This is a course of Project-Centered Courses format, which means when you complete it you will have a finished website of your organization!

To take this course and develop a website for your network you need: Intermediate level of English (at least reading as the course contains subtitles) and 20 hours of your time: 10 for leaning an 10 for active project work.

We strongly recommend you to try. Firstly, skills of website creation can be really useful nowadays, secondly, taking an online course in English is a great opportunity to practice and improve your level of English (almost all skills of language-learning are involved: you read listen and write!).

You can submit to the course here: