iLearn – the Global Fund’s e-learning platform

iLearn is Global Fund’s online learning platform. It offers online learning and training resources for applicants, partners, civil society and others interested in learning about topics, including HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, our funding model and funding application and implementation processes.

Previously, GF e-learning modules were available on their website. Now they have a dedicated e-learning platform for their course and webinars. First time users will have to register to create an account, but it is quick and easy.

  •  Courses and webinars are available in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Russian
  •  It will maintain an online record of the courses you complete and issue certificates of completion
  •  Many courses can be accessed offline by downloading the free iLearn Offline Learning Application
  •  You can download the free iLearn mobile application for iOS and Android devices

New e-learning courses are:

  • Understanding the Differentiated Funding Application Process
  • Understanding Sustainability and Transition

The following e-learning courses have been updated to reflect changes to the funding model:

  • Engage! Practical Tips to Ensure the New Funding Model Deliver the Impact Communities Need
  • Achieving Inclusive Country Dialogue
  • Eligibility Requires for Country Coordinating Mechanisms
  • Understanding Program Split
  • Understanding the Programmatic Gap and Funding Landscape Table
  • Understanding the Modular Approach

In addition, webinar recordings (English only) can be viewed on the following topics:

  • The 2017-2019 Funding Cycle and Differentiated Funding Application Process
  • Funding Application Materials
  • Allocations and Catalytic Investments
  • The Global Fund Policy on Sustainability, Transition and Co-financing
  • Country Coordinating Mechanism Eligibility Requirements
  • Challenging Operating Environments
  • Building Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health
  • Human Rights, Gender, Key Populations and Community Systems in the Funding Request

Access iLearn here