Guides on work with key populations

In this publication we will look at guides on work with key and affected groups in terms of fight against tuberculosis, developed by “Stop TB Partnership”.

New Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: new advocacy tool

30.06.2016, in terms of implementation of project “Regional Platform-EECA”, EHRN as a part of EECA Consortium conducted a webinar “New Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: new tool for advocacy on national and regional levels”. Below you can see key points of discussion.

Key groups affected by TB – who are they?

When we talk about key groups affected by HIV, we all know who we mean. However, it gets more difficult with TB. What are these groups, who belongs to them?   TABLE 3.1. KEY AFFECTED GROUPS OF POPULATION People, subjected to INCREASED RISK of becoming ill with TB due to life and work conditions Imprisoned, […]