Key groups affected by TB – who are they?

When we talk about key groups affected by HIV, we all know who we mean. However, it gets more difficult with TB. What are these groups, who belongs to them?   TABLE 3.1. KEY AFFECTED GROUPS OF POPULATION People, subjected to INCREASED RISK of becoming ill with TB due to life and work conditions Imprisoned, sex workers, miners, hospital visitors, medical workers and workers of public healthcare PEOPLE WHO: ·       live in urban slums; ·       live in badly-aired and dusty premises; ·       have contacts with TB affected, including children; ·       work in crowded areas; ·       work in hospitals or are hospital workers. People who have LIMITED ACCESS TO QUALITY SERVICES OF TB TREATMENT Workers-migrants, women, living in conditions of gender inequality, children, refugees or internally displaced people, illegal miners and migrants without documents PEOPLE WHO: ·       are indigenous community or lead tribal way of life; ·       are homeless; ·       live in remote regions; ·       live in senior centers; ·       have psychological or physical disability; ·       face legal barriers to receive access to treatment; ·       are lesbians, gays, bisexuals or transsexuals. People in ZONE OF HIGH RISK to get infected with TB due to biological or behavioral factors which have negative impact on the immune system PEOPLE WHO: ·       live with HIV; ·       have diabetes or silicosis; ·       take immunosuppressive therapy; ·       are underfed; ·       smoke; ·       suffer from disorders caused by alcohol abuse; ·       use injectable drugs. Read more here.