Guides on work with key populations

In this publication we will look at guides on work with key and affected groups in terms of fight against tuberculosis, developed by “Stop TB Partnership”.

They include recommendations on organization of program and advocacy activity to fight tuberculosis for wide range of partners.

Aim of briefs is to remind about critical importance of connecting all key groups to service provision, diagnostics, treatment and care to end TB epidemics.

List of 7 target groups (children, miners, mobile populations, people who use drugs, prisoners, rural populations, urban populations), included in guides is not exhaustive. It can differ from country to country and can be complemented taking into consideration specificity of work there.

These guides give practical recommendations how to comply with needs and views of populations most vulnerable to tuberculosis, who usually have limited access to diagnostics, treatment and care. Their release is a start of process of country support to determine their own specific key groups and develop interventions in accordance with their needs.

It is recommended for programs in countries to determine key groups on national and sub-national levels in accordance with evaluation of key risks, size of population, specific barriers in work with separate TB case, challenges connected to gender, and inform about progress with data, which reflect situation on separate key groups.

прогрессе данными, которые отражают ситуацию по отдельным ключевым группам.

Key Populations Brief: Children



Key Populations Brief: Miners

Key Populations Brief: Mobile Populations



Key Populations Brief: People who use Drugs



Key Populations Brief: Prisoners



Key Populations Brief: Rural Populations



Key Populations Brief: Urban Populations




Source:  Stop TB Partnership