capacity building

Learn professional English!

Do you lack words to feel confident and communicate grammatically correctly at work? We can advise what you need! Please, be introduced to the series of textbooks Professional English in USE, which will help you to improve your vocabulary and confidence in English for work proficiency! Healthcare sphere includes specialists of completely different professions, every […]

Gender for newbies – short course

Short video course COLTA.RU and Heinrich Boll Foundation. What is “gender”, how to learn to feel confident in modern gender variety?

Coordinating with communities: practical tips

Website of International council of AIDS-service organizations (ICASO) presents great amount of useful publications and practical tips, particularly, on the topics of community engagement and their effective participation in country dialogue process and in response to HIV and TB epidemics in general.

NFM and community needs: practical tips (online GF course)

This learning course is targeted to explain how key affected groups of populations and communities can participate during funding cycle to provide maximum program impact.