NFM and community needs: practical tips (online GF course)

This learning course is targeted to explain how key affected groups of populations and communities can participate during funding cycle to provide maximum program impact.

On the Global Fund website, you can find a range of useful online courses, which will help you to better understand its processes, importance and ways of your participation in them.

One of them — «Engage! Practical tips to use new funding model to satisfy community needs».

Target audience: civil society, technical partners, organizations and community networks, key affected groups of population

How to work with the course?

You have an opportunity to watch video (21 short episode) online, with the possibility to follow written text on the right from the image, or in the script in PDF format and clarify terms, unknown to you, in the glossary with alphabetical index, download set of materials for this course (video, text, glossary) and go back to it offline, if necessary.

After the end of this course, you will learn more about:

  • new funding model and constant country dialogue
  • ways of participation of CS, communities and key affected groups on all levels of country dialogue with clear useful practical tips
  • ways of solution of possible problems



More about the New Funding Model on the Global Fund’s website.

This course was developed based on the brochure, which you can see here.