TA case 1. How to request funding: real situation

Let us introduce first case of technical assistance (TA case). Theme: drawing up request for funding.

In frames of project Regional Platform-EECA we will regularly present TA cases. Some of them (for example those below) were conducted in frames of project Regional Platform-EECA (and correspond with 1-2 levels of TA provision).

Below you can see first case of TA provision of 1 level by expert of partner organization, TBEC, and Regional center of technical assistance in EECA with the support of Regional Platform EECA: distant support of NGO acting in Georgia. In this case main problem was lack of experience in submitting funding proposals. This problem can be faced by both young, unexperienced organizations and organizations, which never faced some or other form of submission before and did it not very often.

Main recommendation, suggested by expert, is to regularly improve level of knowledge in relevant spheres, that is – writing a proposal (text formation), creation of presentations, project planning and management, including budget compiling and analysis, project and personnel management in general, and learning of English.

You can see and download the cases in PDF by clicking the image.

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