TRAINING: «Participation of LGBT-Communities and PLWH in National Dialogue as a Basis for Effective Participation in GF Processes »

In terms of implementation of the project Regional Platform-EECA as a part of EECA Consortium, ECOM and ECUO announce start of registration for training on communities’ participation in Country Dialogue.

«Participation of LGBT-communities and PLWH in National Dialogue as a basis for meaningful participation in processes of Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria»

Date and place: Kyiv, Ukraine, October 2016 (place can change).

The event suggests to discuss the following issues:

  • best practices of influence from communities in terms of GF processes;
  • how to keep and develop community participation using National dialogue as a basis;
  • tools for discussions and advocacy including such advocacy tool as “shadow reporting”.

Training tasks:

  1. To introduce policy, recommendations and requirements of Global fund in issues of participation of PLWH and key communities in National Dialogue to participants.
  2. To facilitate exchange of experience between participants regarding best practices and obstacles for effective involvement of representatives of PLWH, MSM and trans-people into National Dialogue.
  3. Based on GF policy and requirements and on participants’ experience, create a “roadmap” of activation of representatives of PLWH and key communities’ participation in National Dialogues on project implementation in terms of GF and after the end of these projects.

Funding will be provided for participants from Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan in case of compliance of applicants to the following criteria:

1) Ready to do some preliminary work before participation in working meeting and training (see section “Preparation for participation” below);

2) Actively participate in work of communities.

Participants’ expenses will be covered as follows:

— transportation from city of residence to the city where training will be conducted,

— accommodation during days of training, including days of arrival and departure,

— food during days of training.

Other expenses should be covered by participants.

You can read more about who facilitators can support and about how exactly you should get prepared for participation in the training here.

Application form can be found by the link:, reply every question of the Form.)

Please, contact event facilitators if you have any questions regarding the training:

— from ECOM: Gennady Roshchupkin, Technical Assistance Coordinator, e-mail:, Skype: GENNADYROS

— form ECUO: Alexandra Iatsura, Project Manager of “Regional Platform-EECA”, phone: +38(067)395-61-12, e-mail:, Skype: aleksandra.iatsura.