Short-term TA: CRG (GF)

The Global Fund itself does not provide Technical Assistance, but there is an exception – issues of communities, rights and gender.

Technical Assistance Program on issues regarding communities, rights and gender (CRG) is one of the 3 components of Communities, Rights and Gender (CRG)  Special Initiative, a part of which is Regional Platform-EECA.

The aim of the Special Initiative is to let people, affected by the three diseases to play a constructive role in Global Fund processes and to make grants reflect their needs.

Global Fund grants a certain amount of money to fill the gaps in the spheres of communities systems, human rights and gender equality in activities of civil society organizations and communities in countries of EECA region by providing short-term TA as a response to their requests. The program is targeted to support these organizations in constructive participation in implementation of new funding model in the process of country dialogue and development of concept notes.

Requests for technical assistance can include:

  1. support of development, planning and implementation of consultative processes, allowing to uncover needs of key affected groups of population in order to draw concept notes on HIV;
  2. development and budgeting of programs on strengthening of communities systems in terms of granting process;
  3. assistance in assessment of concept notes with participation of youth organizations in order to uncover gaps and develop offers on including such events.

There are three main areas of short-term support in terms of Special initiative in the sphere of technical assistance, rights and gender:

  1. Analysis of situation and planning

To effectively cover key affected groups of population with programs on diseases, it is necessary to clearly understand structure of key affected groups of population, where they are localized and ways of contamination. For this purpose, candidates can request for support in the following areas:

  • Gender assessment;
  • Assessment of legal environment;
  • Follow-up of situation regarding destructive gender norms and reports on these issues;
  • Check of estimated number of key affected groups of population;
  • Development and drawing up budget of programs on satisfaction of needs in the spheres of human rights and gender, and on strengthening of communities systems; and
  • Assessment of needs in strengthening of communities systems and priorities evaluation.
  1. Participation in country dialogue process

Participation of networks and communities organizations in country dialogue is an important condition of development of programs, covering all members of communities, affected by the three diseases. Candidates can request for support in the following spheres:

  • Conducting meetings with leaders of groups of civil societies/ key affected groups of population;
  • Trainings and mentorship for representatives of gender groups, communities/ key affected groups of population;
  • Support of CCC;
  • Awareness raising activity and/or trainings on law knowledge to support concept notes drawing up process; and
  • Contribution into conducting of concept notes reconsideration with participation of civil society/ communities/ key affected groups of population.
  1. Support of interested parties

There is an opportunity to receive general support of program development process, budget planning and drawing up. Support can be provided to satisfy other kinds of needs considering situation in the country.

Currently Program of technical assistance does not imply provision of assistance for:

  • strengthening of country coordinating committees (CCC);
  • long-term capacity development of civil society organizations;
  • drawing up of concept notes.

Technical assistance is provided for non-governmental organizations, including networks of key affected groups of population, universities and organizations of civil society, selected by open tender, in the process of which they have to show presence of skills and capacity in the sphere of communities, rights and gender.

Organizations can request technical assistance on CRG issues until the moment of grant agreement signing.

You can receive a reply on every request for technical assistance in CRG sphere during 10 working days.

You can learn more about the program from this overview.

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