Technical Assistance cases (TA cases)

Cases of technical assistance provision (TA cases) are an innovative type of information provision in order to exchange experience and develop capacity of CS organizations and communities in the region.

Cases of technical assistance provision can be tentatively divided into 3 levels:

1) distant assistance (answer to question, explanation, providing information, improving access to this information etc.),

2) distant consultation (help in filling-in inquiry form/submission of project to funding/request for technical assistance of 2 or 3 level),

3) technical assistance visit.

In terms of Regional Platform – EECA project, provision of technical assistance is not specified as such (2, 3 level). This is a communication and coordination project and our aim is to inform and support civil society and communities to the maximum, including support in looking for funding for your needs and drawing up a request for TA (1 level).

In terms of the project, we will regularly provide you with TA cases. Some of them were accomplished in terms of Regional Platform – EECA project (1, 2 level), some of them – in terms of everyday activities of project partners, key TA providers in EECA region (3 level).

In the section TA cases you can already find first two cases of TA provision of 1 level by the experts of TBEC and Regional center of technical support in EECA with the support of Regional Platform EECA: distant assistance to NGOs acting in Georgia and Tajikistan.