Services for migrants and refugees from Ukraine – HIV/TB care with a focus on key populations

Due to the increasing flows of refugees from Ukraine because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EECA Regional Platform created a spreadsheet to fill contacts details of face-to-face and online services for refugees and migrants (with a focus on HIV/TB care and key population groups).

If you provide such services or know verified providers, please fill out the spreadsheet at your earliest convenience, and, please, update it as more verified information is available. These can be services for national citizens if they are also accessible to international migrants and refugees.

How to fill in the table:
1. The table can be edited by anyone who has this link. Please, be responsible sharing it. 
2. The table is divided into tabs with individual countries. If necessary, add additional sheets for new countries by copying the blank sheet template.
3. The table can be filled in Russian, English and/or Ukrainian.
4. We ask you to add services and contact information according to the sample, indicating your name and email in the last two columns – these is to keep track of the source of information.
5. If a service is designed for national citizens, but it is also available to international migrants, it can be added.
If it requires a local passport, please do not include such services.
6. Important: Please do not copy data from old tables. The relevance of the information should be checked and if necessary updated. We ask you to behave responsibly, prioritizing the quality, not the quantity of information.