HIV prevention services for key populations in Albania on the brink of collapse – open letter from Albanian NGOs

Albanian NGOs issued an open letter expressing their concerns regarding a difficult context of provision of HIV services to key populations groups in Albania.

Global Fund Webinar – Matching Funds

On January the Global Fund will be offering a webinar on Matching Funds. This webinar will include detailed guidance on the process and the conditions for each of the matching funds for the new cycle, along with a Question and Answer session for any outstanding clarifications.

The Challenges of Global Fund Transition in Albania: HIV Prevention Services for Key Populations on the Brink of Collapse

According to the estimated needs to sustain HIV and TB responses in Albania, approximately US$3 million is required per year to address the two epidemics effectively. The implementation of the current Global Fund HIV and TB grant of approximately US$5.8 million is ending in December 2019. The last transition grant is expected to start in […]

OIG Advisory Review on Removing human rights-related barriers: Operationalizing the human rights aspects of Global Fund Strategic Objective 3

Stigma, discrimination and punitive laws and practices have long blocked national responses to HIV, TB and malaria. Recognizing that maximum impact in the fight against the three diseases cannot be achieved without taking the human rights of beneficiaries into account, the Global Fund has elevated its commitment to removing human rights-related barriers to accessing services […]

The Global Fund Eligibility list for 2020

The 2020 Eligibility List and the updated Projected Transitions List (to 2028) are now available on the Global Fund’s website.