The TB Europe Coalition


TBEC is an advocacy network that brings together civil society representatives (individuals and organisations) across the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region, in order to strengthen the role of civil society within the regional response to Tuberculosis (TB), to raise awareness of the disease, and to increase the political and financial commitment required to effectively control the TB epidemic in region.

TBEC was formed in 2009 by a group of TB activists from the WHO European Region as a response to address two major concerns. First, the spread of resistant forms of TB (Multi-Drug Resistant TB and Extremely Drug- Resistant TB) in several countries of the European Region and the concentration of about a quarter of the global burden in the region. Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in particular, continue to have the world’s highest rates of new TB patients with MDR-TB. Second, high-rates of MDR-TB are coupled with low awareness among general population and policy-makers about this problem. This was especially due to a scarce number of civil society organisations working on TB in the region and almost none capable of advocating for TB at national or regional level. With these concerns in mind, TBEC was formed to bring together national organisations and individuals capable of raising awareness about TB and advocate for bolder policies to fight this disease at all levels.

Site: http://www.tbcoalition.eu/