Alliance for Public Health (Alliance Ukraine Consultancy)

International Charitable Foundation “Alliance for Public Health” (which up to November 2015 was known as International Charitable Foundation “International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine”) (hereinafter – Alliance) is a leading non-governmental professional organization which makes a significant impact on the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and other socially dangerous diseases in Ukraine in cooperation with state partners and civil society organizations through providing financial and technical support to relevant programs, which cover over 250,000 members of most vulnerable populations, which is the highest indicator in Europe.

Alliance’s subsidiary Alliance Ukraine Consultancy is the main recipient of funds and implementor of this project.

Alliance together with AUC also host the Regional Technical Support Hub for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, which is one of the key TA providers in the region and of the 34 pre-selected technical support providers within the Communities, Rights and Gender Special Initiative.

The Mission is to support community action against HIV/AIDS, to reduce the spread of the HIV and related epidemics through disseminating effective services and approaches, strengthening health care systems and social services, and building the capacity of vulnerable communities.

The Vision is of a world in which people do not become infected with HIV and do not die of AIDS, and where local communities have brought HIV/AIDS under control.

 Strategic Alliance Objectives for 2013–2020

  1. Innovations. To develop and roll out effective models of responding to the epidemic of HIV and associated diseases in Ukraine and worldwide.
  2. Service Accessibility. To ensure universal access to necessary and effective services in response to the epidemic of HIV and co-epidemics for the vulnerable populations in Ukraine.
  3. Policies. To make an impact on healthcare policies in order to ensure sustainable access to the services, reduce stigma and protect rights of people who are vulnerable to HIV.
  4. Communities. To build capacity and mobilize communities as regards ensuring their significant involvement in the response to the epidemic.
  5. Technical Assistance. To introduce an effective system of technical support delivery for the development of effective technical approaches in responding to the epidemic of HIV and related epidemics all over the world.