Eurasian Coalition on Male Health


Key focus areas:

We strive for the situation in EECA region as follows:

  •         MSM and TG would have possibility to timely turn for treatment and support in the sphere of sexual, reproductive and mental health without hiding important for help and support specifics of their sexual behavior and gender identity
  •         Level of stigma regarding attitude to MSM and TG, first of all, among service providers in the sphere of sexual, reproductive and mental health would decrease.
  •         MSM-service organizations would accept value of human right for counteraction of epidemic and LGTB organizations would include issues of sexual and reproductive health protection into their work.
  •         Governmental, non-governmental, international organizations and interested business became partners into building of service systems for health protection of MSM and TG. Representatives of MSM-service and LGTB organizations would participate into coordination and working structures on international and national levels.
  •         Legal framework and political environment would be at least supportive in creation of circumstances and effective work of MSM/TG-service and LGTB organizations. MSM and TG would be separated into target groups in national programs of counteraction to epidemic of HIV-infection. Complex service package for MSM and TG would be regulatory confirmed and implemented into most of EECA region countries. Programs and services in the sphere of prevention, treatment and care regarding HIV-infection, directed to MSM and TG would be consistently supplied with resources, including funding from state budget(s).
  •         Complex monitoring and evaluation system of HIV-infection epidemic and its response would be built and functioning, including quality evaluation with communities’ participation.


Target audience:

  •         gays, other MSM and transgender people,
  •         social activists and organizations, first of all LGTB community organization, working in the sphere of protection of health and LGTB rights,
  •         employees of service institutions and specialists of state and other structures, involved into development of policy and provision of service on health protection of LGTB representatives,
  •         employees and experts of international organizations participating in support and development of policy and services in the sphere of LGTB health in EECA region.


Countries coverage: countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


Value for Regional Platform project:

  •         help to Regional Platform partners in coordination with LGTB communities organizations regarding issues of protection of health and human rights connected to it,
  •         brokering and provision of TA for development of work with gays, other MSM and transgender people in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


Contact person: Gennady Roshchupkin, Technical Assistance Coordinator, e-mail:


What questions can be asked: (see. “Key focus area” и ” Value for Regional Platform project “).


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