Global Fund for Women

Primary spheres of funding provision:

  1. Elimination of violence
  2. Development of economic and political opportunities and rights
  3. Promotion of sexual and reproductive rights and health

GF for women prioritize organizations, which crucially need our support, according to such priorities:

Ranges of influence

  • issues of vital importance for women and girls
  • freedom from fear of violence
  • sense of worth
  • control over decisions regarding their own bodies

3 important areas are outlined:

  1. Elimination of violence: participation of women and girls in society, development of their rights and opportunities, piece-making initiatives.

Aim: End of violence based on gender

2. Development of economic and political opportunities and rights: efforts of women to achieve economic independence and decent life, advocacy activities and democratic initiatives.

Aim: All women are financially secured and independent; state policy provide equal rights of women and girls to resources and means of support.

3. Promotion of sexual and reproductive rights and health: campaigns, services provision, advocacy and education, aimed to influence views and achieve adoption of laws, which will provide complete access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls.

Aim: all women and girls can make a free choice regarding reproductive and sexual rights and freedoms.

Tools of change

Our grantees use the following three mechanisms to achieve long-term changes for women and girls:

  • Technologies
  • Education
  • Leadership

Regional priorities among countries of Europe and Central Asia

  • Balkan States (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia)
  • Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan)
  • Eastern Europe (Russia – North Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus)
  • South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia)

More information on the priorities can be found following the link:

Proposal criteria

Please, note, that to submit a proposal you organization MUST comply with all the criteria listed below:

  1. Located outside the territory of USA. We don’t fund organizations located on the territory of USA.
  2. Demonstrates clear aspiration to equality and enforcement of women’s rights and these values are reflected in organization activities. We don’t fund organizations aim of which is to create income for members of this organization or provide charitable assistance.
  3. Organization is a union of women working together. We don’t take proposals from private persons (including request for scholarship), and also requests for improvement of situation of individuals.
  4. Organization management is represented by women, women take all or most managing positions in organization and lead areas of organization work, connected to decision-making (including, but not limited to, the highest-rank positions).

Organizations don’t have to be registered as non-profit organizations (NPO) to receive grant.

In addition to this, please, note that Global Fund for women DOES NOT FURNISH financial assistance in the following cases:

  • Government institutions
  • Political parties and election campaigns
  • International organizations, offering common projects with local partners
  • Women branches, departments and projects of non-exclusively women organizations

Process of proposal submission

Terms of proposal submission and pendency

Organizations, which want to be among grant applicants, have to create organizational profile via our safe online portal. If applicants’ activities comply with Fund priorities, they will be invited to submit complete proposal for funding. Besides, we will be contacting organizations, which have organizational profile, on additional possibilities for funding, which can occur during the year.

Please, note that we don’t accept organizational profiles for granting cycle of 2016. GF for women will renew acceptance of profiles for future grating cycle in August 2016.

Proposals for trips and event organizing are accepted annually.

Currently, proposals for these grants are accepted via e-mail. You can download proposal form in section Apply for a grant on website of GF for women and send not later than 8 weeks before planned event to our e-mail:

If you have any question regarding program covering Europe and Central Asia, please, write to GF for women:

More information on funding opportunities from GF for women and forms for downloading can be found at the link: