Guidance “Work together” on significant participation of communities in national programs of response to HIV infection

«Work together» is a guidance on increase and improvement of significant participation of communities sector in all aspects of national programs of response to HIV/AIDS. Particular attention in the guidance is paid to processes of national planning and decision-making.


This guidance consists of two parts: significant participation and participation strengthening.

Part 1 presents the guidance “Work together”, tells about what significant participation of communities sector is, and explains why participation of communities is so important.

Part 2 contains ideas and recommendations on main steps which communities sector can make to strengthen its significant participation in national planning and decision-making in regards to HIV/AIDS.

The guidance “Work together” is based on experience and understanding of vitally important part of communities sector in response to HIV infection. Communities usually benefit from practical support and ideas exchange which can strengthen coordination, provide consultations and representation.

This guidance is developed in terms of cooperation of three organizations: International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO), African Council of AIDS Service Organizations (AfriCASO) and International HIV/AIDS Alliance (Alliance).

First draft of this guidance was prepared in 2007 in the document named “Coordination with communities”, which was targeted to “Triune principles” which at that moment were the main conception of response to HIV infection.

The guidance was tested and further developed in number of countries.