Global Psychedelic Forum

Beyond Psychedelics is a global multidisciplinary forum on psychedelics, located in the Czech Republic; a country with a longstanding history of psychedelic research.


Discuss the potential of psychedelics, alternative states of consciousness and technologies for individuals and societies; review their risks and create guidelines for beneficial safe use and harm reduction; explore the potential of collaborations between a variety of experts.


The aim of the Forum is to provide a platform for global cooperation among people with a professional interest in psychedelics. It inspires to facilitate the exchange of both scientific knowledge and real practical experience – at a global level and across a variety of disciplines, thus creating new synergies.

The event will encourage innovative discussions on approaches to psychedelics and on the unequivocal position these substances still hold in the modern age – despite the lack of available evidence – in order to support their successful integration into our society. To achieve this, an in-depth review of current challenges associated with their use should be a key interest.

Therefore, besides exploring potential benefits, this year the focus is on more on the harmful potential and incorporate cross-cultural perspectives to establish guidelines for safe use, harm-reduction and prevention strategies when working with psychedelics, alternative states of consciousness, and technologies.

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