EHRA is looking for consultant to develop the Framework, Methodology and Instrument(s)

EHRA is looking for the consultant to develop the Framework, Methodology and Instrument(s) to assess the impact of the transition from Global Fund’s support to national funding on the programmatic sustainability of OST services.

Consultancy task
In order to assess the impact of transition on the sustainability of the programmatic aspects of OST services in the selected countries the OST Programmatic Sustainability Assessment Framework (OPSAF) should be developed which will identify the specific thematic areas of sustainability to be analyzed as well as indicators specific for each area identified to be measured. Specific methodology for such assessment as well as the relevant instrument\tool allowing to do such measurements should be developed as well.
Specifically, the programmatic sustainability of OST services could be analyzed by understanding the impact of transition related processes on such aspects of the quality of OST service provision (but not exclusively limiting by them only) as:

• Coverage of estimated opioid user population
• Waiting time to first treatment admission
• Methadone/buprenorphine dosage
• Availability of OST (including new initiations) in prisons
• Coverage of OST medicine by state /health insurance
• Toleration of illicit drug consumption (after dose induction phase)
• Diagnosis or detailed assessment of current substance use, individualized treatment
• Availability of take-home OST
• Counselling required

Other programmatic aspects to be assessed could be composition of the OST services being provided, standards being applied, monitoring system in place, involvement of NGOs and community representatives in services provision etc. Additionally, the proposed Framework should allow to consider the influence of the local political and financial aspect of the OST service provision on its programmatic sustainability within the transition.

The candidates are invited to submit their CV and Letter of Interest by e-mail referenced under title “Consultant to develop OPSAF” to by 24:00 EET, 04 of March 2019. Letter of Interest and CV should clearly reflect the competencies of the candidate required to complete the task.

Please read the Terms of Reference for more information

ToR OST Sustainability Assesment Framework