EHRA within its EECA Regional Platform has organized a Regional Working Forum to discuss the availability and provision of Global Fund-related Technical Assistance for CSOs and communities in the EECA region

The Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) hosts the EECA Regional Platform for Communication and Coordination since December 2017.

One of the key strategic objectives of the Regional Platform is to improve community access to technical assistance (TA) opportunities through greater coordination and harmonization among TA providers within the Global Fund CRG TA Program, other TA providers, and donors. To do this, the Platform works to ensure communities able to identify regional and national TA and capacity strengthening opportunities and to conceptualize TA requests within the CRG TA Program. It is expected that the implementation of the Global Fund CRG TA Program will be continued within the next 2020 – 2022 allocation period.

Given that into account, EHRA within the EECA Regional Platform organized a Regional Forum “Provision of Global Fund-related Technical Assistance for CSOs and communities in the EECA region – how to make it work better?” to discuss and learn from the results of the implementation of the Global Fund CRG TA Program in EECA region in 2018 – 2019. The event took place on 14 – 15 of November in Chisinau 9Republic of Moldova).

In this Forum, the community and civil society representatives – recipients of the CRG TA support had the opportunity to engage with TA providers as well as with the member of the Global Fund Secretariat CRG Team and to discuss their vision and formulate their position on what Global Fund-related TA is needed for them and how the effective mechanism of provision of such TA should look like going forward. The meeting gathered 23 participants from more then 10 countries including the representatives of CRG TA recipients and providers, representative of the UNAIDS TSM as well as of the organizations implementing regional Global Fund HIV and TB grants in EECA.

Based on the results of the event, as well as the preparatory work being done in advance to the event, a report will be prepared that will contain recommendations not only on how to optimize the specific mechanism of CRG TA provision to make if more demanded / effective in the EECA region, but also more general recommendations for other organizations that support certain technical support programs for civil society in the context of the Global Fund in the EECA region.

We also want to share with you documents of the Global Fund Secretariat and UNAIDS presented during the event, with information on the implementation of the Global Fund’s Rights and Gender Technical Assistance Program, as well as technical support available through the UNAIDS Technical Support Mechanism:

Global Fund Community, Rights and Gender Technical Assistance.

UNAIDS Technical Support Mechanism