Extraordinary call for Proposals from WEEPI Foundation

EECA Platform is happy to share the information about the call for proposals that has just been launched by the WEEPI Foundation. The foundation launched an extraordinary call for proposals to supportprojects that focus on developing and documenting good practices for provision of care for people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Proposals from the following countries are eligible: Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Maximum budget per application: CHF 50 000. A total budget of CHF 200 000 has been made available for this extraordinary call for applications to support up to four projects, depending on evaluations. Minimum 80% of the budget should be spent in an eligible country. Infrastructure cost (test kits, laboratory services etc.) should not exceed 20% of the budget. Direct medicine costs (including OST) will not be covered by WEEPI.

Deadline for submission – 29 April 2022

Please see more on the Foundation’s website: https://weepi.org/call-for-proposals/extraordinary-call-for-proposals.