Webinar: Implementation of Component 2 of the Global Fund’s CE Strategic Initiative in Ukraine in 2021 – 2023: overview and lessons learned



  • to inform communities and civil society in Ukraine about the key activities being implemented in this country as a part of CE SI Component 2 during 2021 – 2023, highlight their results, impact and benefits for the respective communities.
  • to inform the audience about key lessons learned
  • to facilitate a learning exchange among Component 2 CE SI partners

Target audience: communities of people who use psycho active substances, transgender people and people affected by TB in Ukraine, partner organizations working with these communities in this country.

When: December 13, 11 AM Kyiv time.

Length: up to 1.5 hour

Language: Ukrainian\English with simultaneous translation

Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcuc-CuqzgtE9JnCfsBmySakzMtsjpE1Gd-

(registration required to participate, it could take 1 – 2 min to get registered)


  • Representative of GATE
  • Representatives of Cohort and TRANS* Generation (Ukraine)
  • Representative of INPUD
  • Representatives of VOLNA and VONA (Ukraine)
  • Representatives of Global Fund Secretariat CRG Team

Facilitation – EECA Regional Platform


  • Welcome, brief overview of the webinar’s objective and agenda – EECA Regional Platform (5 min)
  • Reminder about the CE SI and its Component 2 in particular, overall summary of the implementation of the current phase of the SI, information on the new phase of the CE SI (if any) – GF CRG Team representative (10 min)
  • Presentations of the implementing partners (60 min) including:
    • Brief introduction of the partner and its role in the project
    • Overview of the activities completed in 2021 – 2023.
    • Challenges faced, key results, impact and lessons learned
  • Q&A (10 min)