Webinar ‘Learning how to use ChatGPT in CSOs work: practical skills and life hacks’

TB Europe Coalition invites civil society and TB-affected communities’ representatives to the third practical webinar in the series “The ABC for a TB Activist” by the TB Europe Coalition!

The topic: ‘Learning how to use ChatGPT in CSOs work: practical skills and life hacks’.

  • Using ChatGPT in the everyday work of civil society organizations and communities: from automating routine tasks to preparing project proposals.
  • Practical skills to apply the neural networks in managing social projects: from basics to the secrets of getting ‘smarter’ responses.
  • Overview of the advanced capabilities and additional potential of ChatGPT that can be useful for CSOs/communities.

These questions will be discussed on 10th August from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Kyiv time.

Webinar registration link: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwsfu-uqT0qE9QvV55VCVx0YY1tPUHTuwcl  

At the event, participants will not only gain valuable information on how to apply ChatGPT to enhance their work efficiency but also practice communicating with artificial intelligence to get the most relevant content.

The webinar will be of interest to those who are already using GPT-based chatbots in their daily work, as well as to those who are not familiar with it. Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to apply new technologies that can help in your work!

Webinar Speaker: Project Manager Mariia Chuprynska

Event languages: Russian and English with simultaneous translation.

TB Europe Coalition looks forward to welcoming you and your colleagues!