Strategic focus on rights and gender in new Strategy seen as vital for scaling up coverage of key and vulnerable populations

A focus on human rights and gender equality is front and centre in The Global Fund’s new strategy for 2017-2022. Approved at the 35th Board meeting in Abidjan at the end of April, the new strategy has four strategic objectives, each with several operational objectives.

WHO Europe Web-consulation: 2 strategic drafts

Web-consultation has been launched aiming to get feedback on two newly developed draft documents of the WHO Regional office for Europe:

CGR issues in GF’s new Strategy 2017-2022

Community, rights and gender issues have a higher profile, but challenges remain in demonstrating impact

GF’s allocations methodology for 2017-2019

The Board has approved a methodology for determining the allocations for 2017-2019.

GF new policy on sustainability, transition, and co-financing

The Global Fund’s new strategy for the period 2017-2022 has a strong focus on the sustainability of investments. This includes supporting countries that are transitioning from Global Fund support to domestic reliance for their disease programs.