TA on Transition planning

If you are interested in sustainability of HIV and TB programs upon GF's exit from the region, we recommend you not to hesitate to request technical support on planning the process of transition to national funding.

Owing to the Communities Delegation Retreat, that took place in March, the Community, Rights and Gender Special Initiative, within the Short-term TA provision program, allocated a sum of money for technical support to countries in the process of planning transition from the Global Fund funding to national, government funding.

In order to apply, you need to fill in the general CRG Short-term TA request application form and send it to the Global Fund at CRGTA@theglobalfund.org, specifically stating that this is a request for technical support in sustainability and transition.

Please study the instructions before filling in the form.

In the description of your needs, please, give as much details about the situation in the country as possible: has the transition planning started, what stage it is on, how civil society is engaged, what governments position is, what does your organisation do/aim to do to take part in transition planning on the national level and what support, knowledge, skills do you require.

We also suggest you read the available materials relevant to this topic:

  1. Short-term TA provision program,
  2. Review of the situation with transition planning in EECA
  3. The role of communities on transition planning .

If you need any advise on filling in the form, please, contact us.

Please note that technical support is not a grant allocation, it assumes that the Global Fund will appoint an expert and pay for his work in order for him/her to be able to address your request.