BACKUP Health opportunities: general review


Since 2002, global health program BACKUP Health helps countries-applicants to use Global Fund grants more effectively. Initiative was launched by Federal ministry of economic cooperation and development of Germany and is funded together with Swiss agency on development and cooperation issues since 2013.

For coordination of technical support, BACKUP works closely with Global Fund Secretariat and other bilateral technical support providers, it also works with United Nations, including World Health Organization (WHO), Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


BACKUP aim is to give opportunities to government and civil society partners to submit proposals and use funds of Global Fund.

Program work is focused on gender equality, strengthening of existing health systems, civil society participation, capacity development and, since 2012, on risk management.

BACKUP Health services include:

  • Assessment of experts for provision of process and technical consulting of organizations and networks
  • Capacity development of government and civil society actors
  • Financial agreements with governmental and non-governmental organizations for implementation of project work

Health programs GIZ and their country offices make significant contribution into quality control, acting as local focal point for partners and conducting part of proposal pendency process.

In the current phase of BACKUP project (October 2015 — March 2018), support measures are focused into three intervention spheres:

  • Country Coordination Mechanisms
  • Health system strengthening
  • Management potential of Global Fund grants recipients

Program gives opportunity to suitable governments and civil society partners to submit proposals for projects with duration of one-two years (in the form of project) in three intervention spheres. Aspects of communities, rights and gender are taken into consideration as crosscutting issues in proposals. Moreover, since 2015 countries are able to submit proposals both in the context of intervention spheres and, to a certain degree, for countries-recipients of Global Fund regarding intervention spheres or other current issues.


Closest funding opportunity in the frames of BackUP initiative is potentially short-term consulting support (in the form of consulting), which will start in the middle of April. However, if a planned number of proposals will be received by the end of quarter, procedure of proposals submission will be temporarily closed.

Submissions of proposals in the form of project is closed since December 2015 but you also might be interested in general introduction information and guidance on proposals submission in the form of project as they contain some information on proposals in the form of consulting.