5% Initiative as a Technical Support provider


Mostly the 5% Initiative focuses on French speaking countries, but if you represent one of the 5 countries listed below, you are eligible for TS from them.

  1. Albania
  2. Armenia
  3. Georgia
  4. Moldavia
  5. Ukraine

There are two ways or channels to receive TS via the 5% Initiative: Short-term TA and Projects Funding. Below you will see descriptions of both and links to relevant documents and more information.

Also do have a look at the ongoing calls for proposals in our TA Opportunities section.



Under Channel 1, missions will be implemented by Expertise France or its partners.

Applications for funding or requests for grants will therefore not be eligible and will not be considered.

Making an application for expertise

Who can submit an application?

Applications for the provision of expertise can be submitted by Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs), Principal Recipients and Sub-Recipients of Global Fund grants, in addition to national actors in the fight against the three pandemics in those countries.

What types of expertise can be requested?

If it is to be admissible, an application must complement programmes financed by the Global Fund in the country concerned.

The purpose of the expertise must be to support the design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation or measurement of the impact of Global Fund grants, and/or it must provide organisational support for applicants. If the issues at stake are not clearly identified, the application may relate to an initial exploratory mission.

Types of mission conducted by the 5% Initiative:

  • Technical expertise to support the drafting of a request to the Global Fund or an application for renewal of a grant.
  • Missions to support and build capacity for management of Global Fund finance: e.g. accounting, finance, hospital administration, procurement management.
  • Technical expertise to build capacity for personnel in medical biology, prescription, epidemiology, etc.
  • Missions to build capacity for Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs): governance, tools, processes.
  • Missions to support and build monitoring & evaluation capacity.
  • Exploratory missions to identify issues surrounding the deployment of grants.

Complementarity with Global Fund activities is verified in all cases by consulting the Global Fund portfolio manager.

The application must be for provision of short-term expertise for periods of no more than 12 months and involving one or more experts.

How should an application be submitted?

Applications should be sent to the SCAC (Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle / Cooperation and cultural action department) at the French Embassy in your country (applications must not be sent directly to Expertise France).

Each application must include:

– A signed covering letter,

– A duly completed application form for the provision of expertise,

– A draft set of specifications for the expert mission,

– A copy of the letter sent to the CCM notifying it of the application.

Download the kit with all relevant information in English and a Template CV.

After consideration of the application by the Regional Health Cooperation Counsellor, who consults the Global Fund and the various partners in the country, Expertise France tables it in the 5% Initiative Steering Committee, which meets every two weeks, subsequently notifying the Committee’s decision to the applicant.

How should a regional application be submitted?

A regional application can be submitted on condition that it is supported by a beneficiary organisation in one of the countries involved, which should sign the covering letter. The CCM in each of the countries must be briefed and copies of the information letters to each CCM must be appended to the application.

More information, including the process of the Designation of experts and the budget preparation (incl.  the template) can be found on the 5% Initiative website.

Are you preparing an application and have doubts about its eligibility? Do not hesitate to contact 5% Initiative (initiative5pc.ef@expertisefrance.fr) or the Regional Health Cooperation Counsellor at the French Embassy.



The purpose of Channel 2 of the 5% Initiative is to fund projects lasting two to three years which provide a response to programmatic needs or structural issues in beneficiary countries. Grants are allocated by means of a competitive basis based on calls for proposals. Two thematic areas for calls for proposals are defined each year in line with an overall focus on capacity-building in beneficiary countries.

Consultative prioritisation of thematic areas

As of now (based on the seminar that took place in 2012) there are four defined priority needs in four thematic areas:

  1. The “governance” workshop focused discussion on the needs of national actors and in particular those of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) and their members with respect to the coordinating and monitoring of programmes.
  2. Discussion of “management (procurement and supply)” focused on issues surrounding stock outages.
  3. The discussions around “health system strengthening” looked at the strengthening of human resources and monitoring & evaluation tools at the decentralised and community levels.
  4. In the “operational research and impact measurement” workshop the debate centred on the overall objective of supporting operational research for the improvement of services and strategies for combating the three pandemics with a view to building local actors’ capacity.

Here is the Channel 2 calls for proposals

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.54.17 PM

More information on Channel 2 is available in English on the 5% Initiative website.

You can also keep track of ongoing calls for proposals in our TA Opportunities block and on the relevant web page of the 5% Initiative website.

We will also be regularly updating this information on our FB page and distributing it via our TA and Capacity development opportunities list serve, which you can sign up to on our website.