Global Fund Technical Brief: Addressing HIV and TB in Prisons, Pre-Trial Detention and Other Closed Settings

This technical brief describes how HIV and TB interventions for people in prison and other closed settings can be incorporated into funding requests to the Global Fund. The Global Fund supports evidence- and rights-based interventions aimed at ensuring access to HIV and TB prevention, treatment, care, and support for key populations, including people in prison.

The interventions outlined in this brief include those recommended in the WHO Consolidated Guidelines on HIV Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care for Key Populations (2014, updated 2016 – referred to in this technical brief as the WHO Key Populations Consolidated Guidelines), and in the UNODC, ILO, UNDP, WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, and UN Women policy brief HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support in Prisons and Other Closed Settings: A Comprehensive Package of Interventions (2013, to be updated in 2020 – referred to in this technical brief as the UNODC & Partners Comprehensive Package). The interventions are also aligned with the Global Fund Modular Framework Handbook (2019), which provides a list of interventions to address HIV, HIV/TB, and TB for people in prison. Consideration is also given to the prevention and state-of-the-art treatment of viral hepatitis B and C, which are highly prevalent in prison settings and part of the comprehensive package for people in prisons.

Section 1 of this brief outlines the vulnerability of people in prison to HIV, TB, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases.

Section 2 outlines guiding principles for designing and implementing programs.

Section 3 outlines the comprehensive package of interventions for HIV, TB, and other health issues recommended by WHO, UNODC, and other partners.

Section 4 describes approaches to incorporating prison harm reduction programs within funding proposals, and the health components and strategies for an enabling environment that should be included.

Section 5 offers examples of promising practices from around the world.

Section 6 lists further publications that may be of assistance in compiling proposals, as well as for technical support in programming.

The focus of this technical brief is on all people in prison. It recognizes that some population groups within prisons, such as people who use drugs, people living with TB or HIV, men who have sex with men, transgender people, women (and their accompanying children), and young people, have specific vulnerabilities to HIV or TB and particular needs that must be addressed. This technical brief also recognizes that prison staff have specific occupational health needs relating to HIV and TB.

Global Fund Technical Brief: Addressing HIV and TB in Prisons, Pre-Trial Detention and Other Closed Settings