Global Fund Community Engagement Toolbox (Updated August 2023)

The Global Fund has updated the Community Engagement Toolbox as of August 2023. The revised version now contains 178 resources in 13 languages, including a suite of GC7-related engagement tools. All the new additions (since the March 2023 version) are marked with a yellow “new” tag.


A wealth of information This Toolbox contains 178 action-oriented resources in 13 different languages. They can be used to help strengthen and support community engagement in Global Fund-related processes. Some of the tools are region-specific, but many have global application. All in one place The purpose of this Toolbox is to aggregate resources that are stored in many different places into one centralized repository. Its aim is to be a user-friendly library for communities to strengthen their Global Fund engagement. By communities, for communities These tools were developed by partners of the Global Fund’s Community Engagement Strategic Initiative, all of which are civil society or community organizations. The tools are designed for use by civil society organizations and community groups who want to engage more meaningfully in Global Fund-related processes at country level.


The objective of the Global Fund’s Community Engagement Strategic Initiative is to strengthen the engagement of civil society and communities most affected by the three diseases in Global Fund and related processes. Engagement of community and civil society actors at all stages in the grant life cycle is critical in the design, development and implementation of effective responses to the three diseases and systems strengthening.