Global Fund Technical Brief: Community Systems Strengthening

This technical brief gives practical guidance to countries to maximize the impact of programs resourced by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria through community systems strengthening.

The brief builds on the significant, existing commitments to communities and community systems strengthening mandated by global frameworks on health and development and supports operationalization of these commitments.

The four priority interventions are described in this document, including examples and cases studies for each. The brief also clarifies when other interventions related to community systems strengthening – such as Community Health Workers and community-led and community-based service provision – can be included through other modules in the Modular Framework.

This brief applies to all three diseases and all types of contexts. This includes countries undergoing transition processes or classified as challenging operating environments.

The primary audience for this brief is stakeholders who are directly involved in country-level processes to develop and write funding requests for the Global Fund. This includes representatives of: community groups and networks; civil society organizations; government departments; consultants; technical partners; technical assistance providers and community and civil society advocates, and relevant decision-making bodies, such as Country Coordinating Mechanisms.

Global Fund Technical Brief: Community Systems Strengthening