HRI, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (through its EECA Regional Platfrom) and the Network of Asian People who Use Drugs collaborated on the briefing to support harm reduction advocates in Global Fund application processes for Grant Cycle 7 (2023-2025).

The Global Fund is the largest funder of harm reduction services in low-and-middle income countries.
Global Fund Grant Cycle 7 (GC7) is an important opportunity for countries to access funding for comprehensive harm reduction services for people who use drugs and supportive structural interventions such as advocacy for legal and policy reform, including decrimalisation. In order to make a strong case for funds to be allocated to harm reduction, the impact of these investments on HIV outcomes must be highlighted in funding requests.

This briefing compiles key information to support advocacy for the inclusion of harm reduction within GC7 funding requests. It provides an overview of important changes for Global Fund funding for harm reduction under GC7; compiles key data, evidence and references to support advocacy for harm reduction inclusion within Grant Cycle 7 processes. It also provides related observations and recommendations from the Global Fund Technical Review Panel, who are responsible for reviewing submitted country funding requests. Lastly, the relevant modules and indicators from the Global Fund modular framework are compiled for easy reference. This information may be useful for organisations of people who use drugs and harm reduction advocates in your negotiations with decision makers,
as well as members of the application writing teams and Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs).