Four capacity building courses from The Union

Four capacity building courses from The Union (the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease):

  1. Budget and Finance for Non-Profits

  2. Strategic Planning and Innovation

  3. An Approach to Strengthening Health Systems

  4. TB-HIV Clinical Management Course



Budget and Finance for Non-Profits

Course dates: 08 May – 12 May 2017

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Course Fee: 1,650 USD

Objective: to teach participants how to strengthen management and decision systems within their non-profits, so they are able to evolve along a strategic pathway from financial dependency to independency.

Designed for: middle- to senior-level managers of non-profits, who are responsible for programme administration in health organisations, as well as doctors, administrators and consultants, who manage project budgets.

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Strategic Planning and Innovation

Course dates: 03 Jul – 07 Jul 2017

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Course Fee: 1,650 USD

Objective: to bring a creative mindset to organisations and slowly infuse a culture of innovation within; to bring about actionable change in the way that each participant thinks, creating a road map from creativity to strategy using experiential methodology; teach the participants will identify and connect their creative abilities, learn and apply creativity tools and techniques to ground level issues and build a personal map of their organisation and its strategic impact.

Designed for: junior- to senior-level managers working in public health who oversee personnel across multiple levels, divisions and locations.

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An Approach to Strengthening Health Systems

Course dates: 14 Aug – 18 Aug 2017

Location: Singapore

Course Fee: 1,650 USD

Objective: to improve the productivity and efficiency of health systems; teach participants to identify challenges and opportunities in the current health systems functioning in their domain, understand linkages between health system, policy and research, and learn how to improve or re-engineer any health system to make it more efficient; teaching participants how to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the health systems and how to establish optimum controls while laying down the system.

Designed for: middle- to senior-level managers working in public health from national, provincial government or international agencies and non-governmental organisations, who are responsible for health programmes in communicable and non-communicable diseases, their various administrative aspects and donor communications for the implementation of health programmes.

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TB-HIV Clinical Management Course

Course dates: 22 May – 26 May 2017

Location: Singapore

Course Fee: 1,850 USD

Objective: to improve the country-level implementation of collaborative TB-HIV activities, as measured by achievement against selected key indicators from the Global Plan to Stop tuberculosis (TB).

Designed for: national AIDS and tuberculosis programme managers and staff, national programme officers and other health professionals working in clinical and programmatic settings, especially in settings where HIV infection drives tuberculosis.

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