International Workshop on Co-infection: HIV, Hepatitis and Liver Disease

The 14th edition of the International Workshop on Co-infection: HIV, Hepatitis and Liver Disease, to be held on 16 - 18 May 2018 in Seville, Spain.

With the success of antiretroviral therapy, HIV infected patients are seeing improvement in longevity, only to be challenged with the dangers and complications of additional viral infections. Depending on the country – this is either a majority, or a significant minority of the HIV patients under care. Although HIV & Hepatitis co-infection is a small part of several major HIV conferences, the field lacks a dedicated meeting on this topic. Over the years more and more educational components were added given the growing needs of clinicians to keep up with the rapid developments.

The HIV & Hepatitis Co-infection workshop has become the most prestigious co-infection meeting in the field and is the leading medical gathering for those involved in the clinical care of co-infected individuals. The program provides an excellent platform to exchange the medical information and new treatment results, and to discuss them with the experts active in the different disciplines (including Virology, Hepatology, Immunology, Infectious Disease and Primary Care).

The 2018-edition will continue to focus on developments in basic science, emerging therapies and clinical management. It will emphasize translational research and best practices in the clinical management of Hepatitis and HIV co-infection, and for the first time, include topics on liver disease.

All other details can be found on the official web-page of the Workshop.