9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017): registration opening on World AIDS Day 2016!

The 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017) will take place on 23-26 July 2017 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France. It is organized by the International AIDS Society (IAS) in partnership with the ANRS (France Recherche Nord & Sud Sida-HIV Hépatites).

This is the largest open scientific conference on HIV and AIDS related issues – bringing together a broad cross-section of more than 6,000 professionals from around the world to meet and examine the latest scientific developments in HIV-related research with a focus on moving science into practice and policy.

The IAS 2017 will highlight major advancements in understanding the intricate network of viral-host interactions, in better characterizing and targeting the HIV reservoir, and ways to tackle persistent HIV, as well as the interaction and synergies with other fields, such as cancer research and immune-based therapies. In addition, new science on preventive and therapeutic vaccinations, and on improved tools and strategies for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), as well as new insights into the novel areas of personalized medicine and biomarkers will be presented.

The conference objectives are:

  1. Accelerate basic science and clinical innovation for the development and application of new HIV prevention, treatment and care technologies to advance precision medicine.
  2. Strengthen the implementation science research agenda to address key barriers and challenges (structural, service delivery and policy) across the HIV cascade in a variety of epidemic scenarios.
  3. Amplify the synergies between HIV and co-infections as well as emerging co-morbidities and other non-communicable diseases.
  4. Demonstrate the links between HIV and other public health and human rights emergencies and identify strategies for integrated responses.
  5. Strengthen research towards cure/treatment remission and vaccine.

The 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017) welcomes the submission of abstracts on work that introduces new ideas and concepts, research and understandings to the field, as well as analysis of both successes and failures for original contribution to the field in the following scientific tracks:

  • Track A: Basic Science
  • Track B: Clinical Science
  • Track C: Prevention Science
  • Track D: Implementation Science

Please become familiar with the submission guidelines before preparing your abstract.

Please also note that there is an opportunity to receive feedback from professional mentors on the draft version of your abstracts.

The registration to the conference will open on World AIDS Day, 1 December 2016 and will last until 16 February 2017, 24:00 CET (Early registration) and 18 May 2017, 24:00 CET (Standard Registration).

The registration fee for middle/low-income countries is USD 560, USD 670 and USD 740 for early, regular and late registration. Find out about other options here.

Find out about scholarships available.

You can follow the conference Facebook page for news and subscribe to the newsletter on the event website.