7th International City Health Conference

The seventh in the series of City Health conferences will take place in Odesa (Ukraine) 13/14 September 2018.

The theme for City Health 2018 is ‘Developing healthy responses in a time of change’. This includes changes in political and societal norms, as well as changes in perceptions and expectations within communities. It also provides scope to tackle the important principle of inclusion, with regard to marginalized individuals and groups. Odesa, a vibrant port city, was chosen specifically as a city facing many changes with regards to public health.

Delegates from around the world will gather to examine how, in the increased urbanization of society, cities respond to changing populations, changing economic and environmental pressures and adapt to changing health behaviors, to ensure and promote health and wellbeing through engaging diverse groups and cultures.

More details about the Conference can be found on the official web-site.