Constructive dialog in Georgia – a session about CRG Technical Assistance Program has been presented to the community

In the framework of the general meeting of the Eurasian Women's AIDS Network, a session on the Global Fund’s CRG TA Program was held in Kvareli (Georgia).

IMG_9088The aim of this program is to ensure the constructive participation affected by the three diseases in the processes of the Global Fund and the effective elimination of existing barriers to the implementation of grants. The participants of the session got information about who can get and how to get help in the framework of the Program, who will help, the process of preparing the request and receiving the help. They got acquainted with the form of the request, as well as they tried to formulate the main problems/barriers in their group work by countries to ensure meaningful participation of the community representatives in the Global Fund processes and what technical assistance activities are needed to change the situation in the short term. The session was supported by the EECA Regional Platform.

IMG_9100One of the objectives of the Regional Platform is to increase the awareness of civil society and communities about the possibility of receiving technical support under the Global Fund’s CRG TA program, to create a request for such support and, if necessary, to help prepare a quality request for technical support.

That is why, if you have questions about filling a form while you prepare an application, or if you need an advice on the content and/or quality of the request, please contact the Regional Platform for assistance by E-mail