Communities heard in GF: blended financing

With the Regional Platform-EECA‘s support, Russian speaking community representatives from EECA countries had the opportunity and successfully provided feedback of the Global Fund’ internal document of Blended Financing to the Community Delegation to the Board of the Global Fund.
General feedback is that the document is important, timely and useful for EECA countries.
Key points of the provided feedback:
1. BF mechanism would be able to minimize the risks of disruption of ARV treatment and termination of the programs, but does not prevent them completely.
2. Even the minimal % should be excluded from the conditions of the long-term credits.
3. The document indicates that there are countries that have experience in the implementation of the BF, but didn’t mention the names of the countries.
4. (To Block VI, paragraph 3, point C, paragraph 4, point D) The issue of “country-level income” assessment. Statistical numbers are not always reflect the real level, the same can adversely affect the changing of economic situation in the region, which will not be reflected in the results of even the next year moreover mentioning the current. Evaluation of “country-level income” when considering candidates could be considered with regard to the situation today in the context of both protected by the state socially disadvantaged groups of the population (studied the current budget, and how it is performed).
5. (To Block VI, paragraph 4, points C,E) “The completion of the transition to full national funding sources” – that would be like, this process took place without losing quality. Reaching out its plans for the transition to the domestic financing, WHO recommends to reduce the number of drugs. Optimization, etc. Something that the national budget could afford. We need the ability to monitor and influence the situation urgently.
6. As an option (or source) of BF to consider redistribution of funds received as country taxes on alcohol, tobacco products (0.1%) or pharmacy advertisement for coverage of treatment and prevention programs.
7. Another option – “Selffinancing” (eg. Social Enterprise)