Community-Led Monitoring in the Context of COVID-19 (CLM C19RM) – Short-term Technical Assistance

The Global Fund invites the representatives of civil society and communities to apply for the short-term technical assistance (TA) to strengthen the capacity of communities to gather, analyze and use data for improved availability, accessibility, acceptability and affordability of HIV, TB and malaria services in the context of Covid-19, to integrate CLM in national C19 responses and to document the impact of CLM on health responses.

The aim of the short-term TA is to be responsive, flexible and efficient in rapidly responding to community needs on the ground. Applicants will be quickly matched to an existing roster of prequalified TA providers.

Overall, the CLM C19RM has three main objectives:

Objective 1: Understand the impact on people living with and impacted by HIV, TB, and malaria (HTM), and work to make adjustments in real-time to ensure ongoing access by strengthening the technical capacity of communities to gather, analyze and use granular data on availability, accessibility, acceptability, affordability and quality of HIV, TB, malaria and COVID-19 prevention and treatment services, increasing the technical rigor of CLM models and improving the impact of C19 and HTM programs through advocacy shaped by CLM evidence.

Objective 2: Strengthen integration of CLM into COVID-19 disease responses and improve linkages to national strategies social accountability, particularly around human rights and gender-based violence, as well as improved global coordination on COVID-related community-led monitoring efforts, in order to improve program quality; along with increased resources invested in community systems and responses to improve program performance and equity, oversight, and accountability

Objective 3: Generate evidence on the impact of CLM on C19RM funding priorities, collaborating with technical partners, donors and communities to capture best practice approaches, and contribute to the global body of knowledge as well as regional communities of practice

The deadline for short-term TA requests is November 15, 2021. The implementation of TA will occur between November 2021 – February 2022

Please see more information and details on the CLM C19RM Short-term Technical Assistance: Guidance Note for Applicants

You may download the CLM C19RM TA Request Form here.