The Global Fund’s 6th Partnership Forum: Call for Civil Society participant nominations

The Global Fund is preparing to host its 6th Partnership Forums, to be held virtually in 2021 and is currently seeking its partners’ support to identify and nominate potential participants.

The Bylaws of the Global Fund state that the Partnership Forum should serve as a visible platform for debate, advocacy, continued fundraising, and inclusion of new partners for the development of the next Global Fund’s strategic plan. To this end, the 6th Partnership Forums will be central to the development of the post-2022 Global Fund Strategy.

In early 2021, three -virtual- Partnership Forums will convene individuals representing the broad Global Fund partnership to review input, evidence and guidance received on strategy development, and to debate and distil potential emerging areas of future Strategy focus. The 6th Partnership Forums are scheduled as follows:

  1. Partnership Forum I: Eastern Europe and Central Asia & Latin America and the Caribbean 9-11 February, 2021
  2. Partnership Forum II: Africa, 17-19 February, 2021
  3. Partnership Forum III: East Asia Pacific, South West Asia, 3-5 March, 2021

To ensure informed and in-depth discussions, the Partnership Forum consultations will convene approximately 350 participants in total, for all three meetings, representing the full range of Global Fund stakeholders, including, but not limited to: governments, communities living with and affected by the three diseases, civil society, technical agencies and partners, and the private sector.

Due to constraints in the number of people who may attend the Partnership Forums this call for nominations aims to identify a pool of potential participants, from which a selected group will be invited to ensure balanced representation of the Global Fund partnership, in line with the participant methodology and targets. As such, attendance at the 6th Partnership Forums will be by invitation only

Selection of participants attending the 6th Partnership Forums is the responsibility of the Global Fund. In line with the general participation guidelines for the 6th Partnership Forums, priority will be given to those who do not have the opportunity to participate and engage with the Global Fund through the ‘regular channels’ (e.g., governance officials, implementers or assurance of providers of Global Fund programs), as well as participants coming from the global south.

Participant nominations should be submitted using the following link to the 6th Partnership Forum nomination form.

We kindly ask you to submit nominations for the relevant stakeholders by 6th November 2020.

If you need support or have any questions about the 6th Partnership Forums, please contact:

With many thanks for your help and collaboration to ensure the 6th Partnership Forum consultations result in valuable insights for the development of the next Global Fund Strategy.