Terms of Reference for the consultants to conduct an overview of the progress with the implementation of the Transition Plan for the Continuation of HIV and AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015-2017


Being a partner of the Alliance for Public Health, the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH 100% Life and other regional and national partners in the implementation of the Global Fund funded regional HIV project “Sustainability of services for key populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA) is aimed at the improving the financial sustainability and allocative efficiency of HIV programs in EECA countries.

To contribute to this objective, EHRA is planning to retrospectively assess the progress with the implementation of the Transition Plan for the Continuation of HIV and AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015-2017. It is expected that based on the results of such assessment the key civil society regional and national partners working in BiH, will be able to adjust their advocacy efforts and actions to improve the financial sustainability and allocative efficiency of HIV national programs.

Key tasks to be conducted by the consultant

The consultant is expected to prepare a brief overview of the progress of the implementation of the Transition Plan for the Continuation of HIV and AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015-2017. The focus of the overview should be on those programmatic areas prioritized in the Transition Plan:  

  • Harm reduction activities for PWID in the context of HIV epidemic
  • HIV prevention activities for MSM
  • HIV prevention activities for prisoners
  • VCCT mobile activities (IPTCS)
  • Psychological and social support for PLWHA
  • Advocacy activities to secure sustainability of the aforementioned optimized interventions

The overview process should include the next stages:

  1. To select a set of the key actions and indicators for each of the programmatic areas (1 – 2 per area) as being provided in the Transition Plan to measure the progress with their implementation.
  2. To collect data through desk research aimed to measure progress for the selected set of actions/indicators.
  3. To conduct not less than 6 semi-structured interviews with key informants representing different sectors to compliment the desk research process and cover any data gaps. The list of key informants should be agreed with the EHRA. The questionnaire(s) for the interview should be developed by the consultant depending on those gaps in the data and information on the progress with the selected set of actions and indicators being identified during the desk research.
  4. Prepare an analytical report to summarize the findings. The outline of the report should be proposed by the consultant and agreed with EHRA. The report should include contextual sections, findings and conclusions for each of the assessed programmatic area as well as general conclusions and recommendations for key national stakeholders. The report should not exceed 20 pages and should be prepared in English.


  • The desk research and interviews should be conducted by 06.12.2021
  • The draft report should be provided to the EHRA colleagues for the review and feedback by 15.12.2021.
  • The final report and all other deliverables should be submitted by 30.12.2021.

Cost of services

The total contract cost for the work of one consultant under this ToR should not exceed 2,000 USD (including all taxes).

Evaluation Criteria

An evaluation panel will assess the extent to which proposals submitted in response to this announcement meet the evaluation criteria below.

The minimum technical score is 90. Only candidates with a minimum score of 90 points out of a maximum of 100 are considered eligible for the assignment. Consultants with proven work experience in the community organization would be given a priority.

The candidate with the highest technical score that meets the requirement will be invited for negotiation of the agreement.

A consultant under this assignment is a person who carries overall responsibility for planning and conducting the study and in drafting the report. Given the essential role of this individual, she/he should possess the following knowledge and experience:

Excellent understanding of the national HIV service delivery and funding systems as well as of the Global Fund related processes at the national level (should be clear from LoI)20 points
Knowledge of, and access to, relevant stakeholders to be interviewed, including government officials, community members, and other experts (should be clear from LoI)20 points
Experience of undertaking similar assessments and a strong record of adherence to evidenced-based approaches (should be clear from LoI)20 points
Good knowledge of the BiH Transition Plan (should be clear from LoI)20 points
Proven set of skills for interviewing, conducting a literature review, and writing (should be clear from LoI)20 points
Total100 points

Additionally, the consultant should have:

  • No conflict of interest (should be declared in the Letter of Interest);
  • Fluent English and national language.

How to apply

The individual consultants are invited to submit their CV and the Letter of Interest by e-mail referenced under title “Consultant to conduct the assessment of transition related commitments in Bosnia and Herzegovina to ivan@harmreductioneurasia.org by COB 11 of November 2021 24:00 EET.